Becoming a CP Teens ambassador 

Hello Faith here again,

I am very proud and excited to announce that I am now a cp teens uk ambassador!

CP Teens Uk is a registered charity that acts as a community for young people with Cerebral Palsy.

Becoming a CP teens ambassador Is a huge honour for me and I hope to inspire the next generation of young CP warriors!

I hope that with this new opportunity  will help other come together and support each other! 

If you’d like to find out more about CP Teens Uk here

Finally a massive thank you to everyone at CP Teens Uk for this fantastic opportunity!

I’ll see you all next week but for now #chooselove 



May Look Back 2017

Hello everyone Faith here,

Once again I’d like to apologise for missing a few uploads however please understand I have been very busy with my GCSE exams although they finish on Friday woop woop!!

So as always I want to continue with my monthly look back on life (a scrapbook if you will).

So firstly as a lot of my readers will know I love music and everything that surrounds it therefore I was lucky enough to get a new record player and I’m absolutely delighted with it! Here is a picture I took when I first played it.

Next up I want to share with you this super cosy Pinterest inspired den I built by using my bed as a base. I loved it so much I ended up sleeping in it watching films and listening to music of course. How cute is it?!

Next is for the endless cafe breaks! Now if you’ve read my other lookbacks before you’ll now how much I love a quick cafe stop so in May I decided to try out a new coffee house near me and it was really cool and had a very Tumblr like vibe!

 Next is for meeting up with friends. Of course there was may half term which meant the perfect opportunity to meet up with the girls! Here is a pic of me in a huge mirror in the shop 😂

Now for the biggest news of May…

I got a new wheelchair!!!!! After years of waiting I finally got a new chair and now I’m much more independent and comfortable too! (This wasn’t actually taken on the day I got it I couldn’t find that but you’ll be able to see it on my Insta @onlyfaithmartin)

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Much love as always,




Sammy and me!

Hello everyone Faith here,

To celebrate National pet week I’ve decided to talk about how my 4 legged friend Sammy has helped me mentally. 

Sammy is a Bedlington terrier crossed with a Jack Russell. Sammy has traits of a loyal, happy, fun-loving and caring dog.

Also as a quick note thanks to Puppyspot for letting me get involved! If you fancy your own for legged friend you can check out the Puppies Page too!

Having a dog has great mental benefits. Sammy for me not only bring happiness and love but he also serves a very loyal friend.

Having a disability can be hard mentally having Sammy has boosted self esteem, given me something to focus and of course a very best friend! Having a dog also allows you to feel less isolated and also gives you something in common with a lot of people that being you’re a dog owner!

Sammy also allows me to feel less awkward around people as I and the person I’m interacting with feel relaxed meaning that conversations don’t have an awkward silence! (We’ve all been there…)

If you are in two minds about getting a dog I would definitely recommend that you do!

As I mentioned before a massive thank you to Puppyspot for letting me get involved!

Happy national pet week!

Bye for now 



April Look Back 2017

Hey everyone Faith here and it’s time for another monthly look back!

It’s safe to say that April for me was filled with friends, laughter, trips to the beach and ofcourse lots of Easter eggs!

Firstly during April I decided to start learning how to cook ahead of leaving school in June I’ve done lots of things from pasta to a fancy simple brunch here are a few…

Secondly as I mentioned above I took a trip to the beach as I love being by the sea and took a few pictures along the way. If you want to see more of my beach trip you can check out my Instagram @onlyfaithmartin 

Next is for all the chocolate I ate over Easter I never did finish it all!

Next is for the few sunny moments we had during the month where I could relax in the garden.

I also achieved something I never thought I would in April and that was applying false nails! Yes I know difficult at the best of times let alone when you have CP!

Also as I side note I’ve dyed my hair again as I wasn’t keen on the blonde roots so I decided on brown hair with some dark red highlights!

Lastly I would like to mention that I had a fantastic time supporting the Rose Road Association at local offer live it was a great event and a great way to start the month!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to the previous moth thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to like comment and share!

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Bye for now

Faith x 


Wheelchair coming soon!

Hi all Faith here once again,

As you may know I have been waiting a considerable amount of time  (years) for a new wheelchair in order to become independent.

In school on Friday my teacher comes in to deliver me some news at which point she said please don’t be worried or negative to which I was instantly worried therefore I asked her why to which she replied ‘on wednesday you are getting your new electric chair’ I REPEAT ON WEDNESDAY I AM GETTING MY NEW ELECTRIC CHAIR! (Woo victory dance!) I cried at this point as i was very emotional. Not only that I am also getting a new MANUAL CHAIR too!

This is such amazing news and I can’t wait to show you my new chair and all of the exciting things I get up too!

Thanks for reading 



Easter Nest bowls!

Hello everyone Faith here again!

So we’ve all seen them the chocolatey goodness that are easter nests! Today I’ve decided to do a twist on the classic recipe so here are my giant easter nest bowls that are perfect for sharing!

You will need:

  • 3 bars of chocolate of your choice
  • wheat biscuits or shredded wheat 
  • Mini eggs
  • A bowl
  • Parchment paper

Firstly you need to melt the chocolate and the best way to do this is by using a ban-marie. All this is, is a bowl over a pan of boiling water.

Once this is done you need to crush in your wheat biscuits or shredded wheat I done this by putting my wheat biscuits in and then mashing them up but alternatively you can crush them with your hands into the bowl. I used 3 (one for every bar of chocolate)

Once you’ve mashed them up and mixed it all together you then need to take your bowl and place some parchment paper inside this helps it not to stick. I used quite a deep bowl.

Then you need to spoon in the mixture making sure the centre is deeper.

You then need to place this in the fridge or freezer to set. I put mine in the freezer for around an hour.

After it’s set you need to peel of the parchment paper and place the nest back in the bowl. Once you’ve done this you can decorate with mini eggs ( I used micro ones) and plastic chicks if you wish!

 That’s it! super simple and fun for all the family this weekend! 

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I hope you have a great easter weekend too!



March Look back

Hello everyone Faith here,

Firstly sorry I having posted in a while it’s getting close to exam season meaning that I’m extra busy! However I did find time to do some pretty cool things in March.

This first one is for being near the sea and since the weather is getting warmer I definitely found myself closer to the sea!

This next one is for the great days out!


This one is for all the flowers coming into bloom!

Next is for the blood test i had to have! (In this picture there is a bruise)

Of course March meant mothers day therefore I spent the day with my nan and other family drinking this cocktail!

lLast but not least a picture of my dog!

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Thanks again