Cerebral Palsy awareness day 2017!

Hey everyone Faith here,

As some of you may be aware that today is… national Cerebral Palsy awareness day!

Today for me is very special because it helps to raise awareness for something that is so engrained within my daily life.

Being disabled means people make common misconceptions about me all of the time but a day like today means that those misconceptions and the stigma around disability can be smashed!

So for everyone else who lives with cerebral palsy I hope you’ve had an amazing day and you’ve had a real chance to shine.

Thanks so much for reading


Taxi! No sorry…

Hello everyone Faith here,

Today I wanted to talk about something that happened very recently involving using public transport so what better time to do it then on the final day of access day!

As you may have guessed from the title this involves getting a taxi. So I went out for a girly lunch and catchup with my auntie and cousin and had a really nice time however when it got dark and we decided to go home me and my cousin decided to phone a taxi that was accessible for a wheelchair however this was harder then it needed to be.

On the first attempt the taxi didn’t bother to turn up, on the second attempt the taxi was inaccessible for my wheelchair although I specifically asked for a single ramp that pulls out. Luckily on the third attempt we got the right taxi however the driver did not want to help but eventually we got home after waiting for over 30 minuets in the dark and cold.

This is why more needs to be done to accommodate disabled people on public transport!

If you’d like to see what I got up to on that day you can check out my Instagram @onlyfaithmartin 

I’d love to here if you’ve had a public transport problems so let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading



eleutheromania: A manic yearning for freedom.

I am trapped? Am I trapped? Why am I trapped? How am I trapped? Who said I was trapped? Me or you?

Am I trapped because of my wheelchair? Am I trapped because of my mind? Am I trapped because your words say I am trapped? Why would my wheelchair trap me? Why would you think my wheelchair trapped me?

What if?

What if my wheelchair gave me freedom? What if my wheelchair released me from 4 walls rather than trapped me in 4 walls? 

Have you ever thought that maybe your idea of me being confined is completely different to my idea of being confined?

My idea of being trapped is to be without my wheelchair not with it.

Maybe your pitty towards me only exists because you yourself crave ELEUTHEROMANIA 

My dream blogger panel 

Hi everyone it’s Faith here and today I wanted to talk about my dream panel of bloggers!

So firstly I’d have to say that I’d love to see the gorgeous miss Jordan Bone on my dream panel. Jordan runs a beauty blog and YouTube channel whilst she is also a quadriplegic with amazing words of motivation!

Secondly on my panel I’d love to have Ailsa- Brains on wheels. As well as being a very supportive friend and successful young lady Ailsa blogs about her experience with Cerebral Palsy much like I do here and she has a very unique take on blogging!

Next I’d love to have Alex Squire author of the blog where there’s a wheel, there’s a way. Alex blogs about his experiences with disability issues surrounding it and his life! 

Last but not least I’d love to have Denisa! With her blog surrounding lifestyle and amazing music reviews Denisa would bring a twist to the panel!

 “Be sure to check out Eventbrite’s conference management software if you’re looking to plan your own blogger conference
 love as always 


February look back!

Hello everyone Faith here,

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting anything in February as I have been studying for my GCSE’s and have been slightly stuck for inspiration however what better way to get back into blogging then to do a February look back!

Without further ado the first thing I’d like to mention that I did in February is going to a Busted concert on the 13th as I had a great time singing all my favourite songs  (if you can call it singing 😂) from the night driver album and I even managed to get the set list after the show!

 Secondly I’d like to mention the lovely trip I had along the seafront and much to my surprise I went alone giving me a little more independence and I didn’t get (too) lost! If you’d like to see more photos you can check out my Instagram  (@onlyfaithmartin) and leave a comment telling me that you came from my blog! (I asked people along the way to take pictures of me as I was on my own 😂)

Thirdly I’d like to mention the amazing sunsets that February has given us!

Lastly I’d like to mention my lovely day out with my friends in the half term we went for a meal and had a lot of fun so here is a picture of my mocktail I drunk by the sea 

Of course i cant finish this blog post without mentioning my dog sammy so here is a lovely photo i took of him in February! 

If you would like to check out more of my pictures you can follow me on Instagram as mentioned before @onlyfaithmartin you can also follow me on Twitter @official_faithm

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Thanks so much for reading and I’ll speak to you soon 

Faith xoxo 

January look back 2017

Hello everyone Faith here,

Today I have decided that the want to do a ‘look back’ on every month much like a monthly favourites but more of a look back on some of the best (and worst) moments of the last month in pictures.

(If you want to follow my life in pictures my instagram is @onlyfaithmartin)

So to start off its only right I start with new years day  itself so here’s a picture of me and my dad bringing in the new year!

 Secondly the endless cute moments my dog has given me this January he’s so unbelievabley cute!!

Next is for the relaxing moments of dressing gowns, no makeup and listening to music. (For anyone wondering the drink is diet sparkling pink cranberry lemonade from Marks and Spencer)

Next is for listening to music recently I have digged through my music to find my good old favourites like Paolo Nutini and The kooks.

This one is for finding the wildlife in my garden! (Even if it’s raining 🌧 ) 

The second to last for this month is the Coffee and cake moments.

 Last but not least for the time I successfully went out to buy some stuff by myself! (We’ll forget about the fact I left some of my bags in another shop and had to go all the way back for them 😂)

That’s all for this month thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this style of blog.

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Bye for now 



Emotional Scars 

Scars a reminder that you won a battle.

Many of us have scars weather they are physical or emotional most of us have both.

Perhaps the emotional ones are worse because physical ones may have caused pain for a split second but they don’t hurt now do they? Emotional scars stick with us in memory and can cause pain for a lifetime if you let them.

If your ever going to get over your emotional scars you have to learn to let go to whatever caused them in the first place weather it be a person or  mistakes collected together in your mind.

People who cause emotional scars are not worth your time because if they can make a mark that deep that it is therefore invisible to the rest of the world means they clearly are not who you need to surround yourself with.

Every scar is a reminder that you won’t a battle weather there mental or physical.

Never give up!

I guest blogged for the wonderful Brains on wheels  (Ailsa) you can check it out here Misconceptions About Disability